70 years of tradition, passion and design

We inaugurate the blog entry , and we do it renewing our image to be what we have always been and to continue transmitting our values: a traditional brand 100% made in Menorca, with new challenges that elevate our essence.

In Ria Menorca we have been creating the most original abarcas menorquinas for 70 years, following a handmade process and taking care of the smallest detail to put at your feet a quality footwear, with the seal of guarantee 'Avarca de Menorca'. Our abarcas are designed generation after generation by our expert craftsmen in the sector, all of them make possible that in all the models of our abarcas you can see reflected the tradition, the passion and the great quality in each one of its details.

The second generation of Ria Menorca is taken over by Carlos Truyol, son of Bartolomé Truyol. Carlos is committed to manufacture exclusively abarcas menorquinas, combining constant work in design and innovation to produce collections that maintain the essence of traditional abarcas, but that adapt to the constant change of new trends in the fashion industry.

Following the trend of design and innovation, we have opted for a new design change on the website to improve the user experience and create a sense of constant change without losing the tradition and values of Ria Menorca. It would not be possible to continue celebrating years without a fundamental pillar of Ria Menorca, you. Just like our origins, many of our customers have been with us for many years. To all of you, who make this possible, we are grateful for your loyalty.